3 Bostons Art Mural


Restorations happen when we receive an artifact for display within the Museum but it needs some repairs or improvements to make it ideal for showing to the public.

Example of a Museum Artifact Repair

Bill Eggenburger, Board Member of 3 Bostons Museum, returns an artifact in new and improved condition.

This piano stool was donated to the Museum in very poor condition. It required considerable work for it to even sit up on its own. Some wood was added to the shaft and re-carved as well as much re-gluing to all jointed areas.

After removal of old dirt and grime it was given a polish and waxing to make it a beautiful contribution to the history within the walls of the Museum.

Unfortunately, the person who originally donated this piece is still unknown. If you have information about it, please contact Elizabeth Lea, Curator, at the Museum.

Thank you, Bill, for the loving care you gave to this beautiful antique.

Bill Eggenburger - Liz Lee with Stool renovated by Bill