3 Bostons Art Mural

Art Show

An Art Show was held here at the Museum during the Juneteenth Celebration. Students from New Boston & Texarkana exhibited their Art work - wonderful collections. The show was coordinated by the Juneteenth Committee here in New Boston and it was certainly quite the exhibit. 

These 3 large display pieces are actually designed by a creative Kindergarten teacher. The students created quilt patches to be attached to the large display - just like a patchwork quilt!! Very creative and well done for such a young group of children!

Patchwork Quilt Design

Art 1
Art 2

Art 3
Art 4

Art 6
Art 7

Art 8
Art 10

Special Thanks to the Juneteenth Committee for organizing this first Art Show here in the 3 Bostons TX Museum. We had a great turnout of people coming to see all these art pieces!