3 Bostons Art Mural

Mural of 3 Bostons TX

Mural of 3 Bostons TX is explained on this page how this beautiful mural came to be here in our downtown of New Boston.

3 Bostons Mural

Mural History

This beautiful Mural above depicts the old Courthouse from the 1840’s; the then County Court House in the 1890's and the New Boston Train Depot when the railroads started coming in the 1870’s.

The 3 Bostons Museum had some pictures of various eras depicting the 3 different Bostons. We combined a picture and period of time of each Boston into one large wide picture depicting its history. We had tried to get a Mural started several years ago but never succeeded.
This time we went to our City Administrator, Wayne Dial, and he loved the idea. He went to the New Boston CDC Organization to help us get the funding from the Sales Tax monies that are paid when people spend money here in our community.

That’s the beauty of all this – it was paid for by all our citizens as they spend money here.

Another reason to Shop Locally!

DeWayne Hardage

Slide Show of this Beautiful Mural Depicting Our "3 Bostons" History ~ Completed in April 2023

This fantastic Mural was created by Darlene Taylor Murals