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Mural History

This beautiful Mural above depicts the old Courthouse from the 1840’s; the then County Court House in the 1890's and the New Boston Train Depot when the railroads started coming in the 1870’s.

The 3 Bostons Museum had some pictures of various eras depicting the 3 different Bostons. We combined a picture and period of time of each Boston into one large wide picture depicting its history. We had tried to get a Mural started several years ago but never succeeded.
This time we went to our City Administrator, Wayne Dial, and he loved the idea. He went to the New Boston CDC Organization to help us get the funding from the Sales Tax monies that are paid when people spend money here in our community. That’s the beauty of all this – it was paid for by all our citizens as they spend money here. Another reason to Shop Locally!
See the full Mural history HERE     DeWayne Hardage

3 Bostons TX Museum Mission Statement

Our mission is to illustrate our past, which we believe gives meaning to our present and lights the path to our future.  We want to educate and inspire our members, volunteers, donors, benefactors, and visitors.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Collect, research, preserve, catalog, and document artifacts from our collection and community that promote understanding of the way of life of our past generations.
  • Focus our efforts on the primary categories of tools and artifacts owned and used by the workers, craftsmen, and artisans that are donated by the museum founders and benefactors including items from local industries, clothing and related fabric arts, home crafts, ​farming, occupations, and pastimes in our 3 Bostons area.
  • Exhibit our artifacts and produce interpretive living history displays and participatory programs.
  • Promote the studies of history, culture, and heritage by making our facilities available to the community and schools and by supporting other local historical organizations and their members through reciprocal agreements and joint projects.
  • Act as a central repository and archive for written, printed, and graphic paper documents and photographs that are relevant to our local history and culture, particularly that of Bowie County and our 3 Bostons area.

Our Centerpiece ~ 3 Bostons TX Museum

3 Boston Museum

The beautiful building is our centerpiece. It is home to our 3 Bostons TX Museum and has a wealth of information within its walls. Please feel free to visit us and see all our exhibits. We also have a fantastic exhibit in the Livery Building behind us - Info

What We Do

We collect, maintain, and display vital signs of previous times from our local area of Northeast Texas including art, crafts, tools, sports memorabilia, photographs, clothing, linens, quilts, housewares, furniture, books, documents, ​and other historical items that might help depict ​what life was life for our ancestors. 

How to Donate Artifacts or Heirlooms to 3 Bostons TX Museum

We accept artifact donations and family heirlooms that support our mission of preserving and protecting historical items of our cultural area.  If you have items that you would like to consider donating to us, we are more than happy to talk with you.  We cannot promise to accept any item without seeing a description and photograph, but do promise to consider almost any gift.

By law, we are not able to appraise your item or otherwise assign value to it.  We do recommend that you consult a certified antiques appraiser if you need to know your item's value for income tax purposes.  Since we are a legal non-profit, any items you donate to us are fully tax-deductible up to the letter of the law, but talk with your personal tax adviser if you have questions.  All items donated to us become our sole property at the time the Deed of Gift is signed.   Our Terms and Conditions for Artifact Donations are included on each donor form.  You are responsible for delivering your donation to our physical location at 1 Trailhead Park Plaza, New Boston.  We are not set up to accept drop-offs without prior arrangements having been made. 

The good news for you and your family is that you will have the comfort and peace of mind knowing that your family's heirlooms will be professionally preserved, protected, and treasured by us and will be shared with all that are interested in our unique history.  We welcome your questions and comments on this topic. If you would like to retain ownership of your donation instead of transferring its ownership to us, we can certainly accept your item as a permanent or temporary loan. 

We have documents on file to send to you BEFORE you make any decision regarding the placement of your or your family's precious historical items.  Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding donations of any sort via email at Museum@NBCity.org

How To Become a 3 Bostons TX Museum Volunteer

All 3 Bostons TX Museum volunteers are required to be members of our non-profit museum.  We are in need of all sorts of volunteers and do not have any restrictions as to the amount of time you donate or when you donate it.  We have several opportunities for you to consider when it comes to helping us maintain our location, our artifacts, our fundraisers, and our membership.  All volunteers are also  asked to complete a volunteer application in which we ask where your volunteer interests lie and what your schedule might be. We do ask that you honor your volunteer obligations on an annual basis.   

If you would like to actually man the museum, please check our Open Hours at the top.

Other volunteer placements will center around Interior Decorating and Maintenance; Yard Maintenance and Landscaping; Artifact Maintenance and Photography; Artifact Restoration and Research; Clerical and Office Administration; Member Recruitment; Fundraiser Planning; Volunteer Coordination; Education and Community Outreach; Advertising and Promotion; Special Event Planning, and Pick-Ups/Deliveries. There is room for everyone to do SOMETHING!  We are also open to suggestions concerning other tasks you might be willing to perform.  Please see our Volunteer application, below.  You may print and complete it and mail it to 3 Bostons TX Museum, 1 Trailhead Park Plaza, New Boston, TX 75570 or email it to us at museum@NBCity.org today!  

We need volunteers to support all kinds of museum endeavors including clerical and telephone jobs; computer input; preparation of  mailings; making artifact pick ups and deliveries; recruiting members; taking photographs; manning booths at local events; cleaning and restoring antiques; serving on various committees, and lots more!  If you are interested in supporting this project and have a few hours per week to help, please print the following Volunteer Application pages, complete, sign and submit to us along with your Membership Application and payment to the address above. 

Download Volunteer Form HERE

How to Donate Financially to 3 Bostons TX Museum

We gladly accept cash, personal checks, business checks, U.S. Postal money orders and all major debit and credit cards if you would like to make a monetary donation to our museum.  You may also make our non-profit entity the beneficiary of your will or estate, within some guidelines.  Your accountant or attorney will be your best source of information regarding tax deductions of any donations to us.  Please email us at museum@NBCity.org or call us at 903-628-0411 about the benefits of giving to this project. 

We're trying to raise funds for all our Farm Equipment to have permanent signage. We have approximately 30 pieces at our back building on display. Just select the "Donate Here" button right below to help us achieve our goal. Thanks everyone!

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We are also seeking Museum Volunteers to help us catalog items and help visitors when they visit with us.
Please reach out to us through our Contact Us form if you are interested in volunteering here and learning even more of our fantastic history

Here's a great page about a Genealogy Meeting that was held in May of 2023. It featured 3 different generations of speakers that grew up here in New Boston - Details HERE

As we build up this website, we will keep adding various places and things to do here in our New Boston TX Area. It will be a work in progress.

If you are a business person in this area and want to suggest your business or a fellow business, please reach out to us through our Contact Us form and we will be happy to be sure you are added.

3 Bostons TX Museum is all about helping visitors realize all the wonderful things we have to do and see here - from our beautiful Museum itself to all types of activities in our area.

Plus, we want you to have a place to stay, eat, be entertained and things to do while visiting us!

Neighborhood Recognition Grant

Waste Management Logo

Special Thanks to our local Waste Management Company.

They provided a very nice monetary Grant to our 3 Bostons Museum for "Neighborhood Recognition"

Elizabeth Lea-Misty Adams (WM) and DeWayne Hardage
Waste Management Presentation Dinner

Our Local Waste Management representative, Misty Adams, presented our Check and Plaque to Elizabeth Lea (Curator) and DeWayne Hardage (Founder & President) of 3 Bostons TX Museum.
Waste Management provided Grants to a total of 11 organizations in our local area - a great community supporter!!

Be sure to look at our Area Information Navigation Page for what's happening in our New Boston Area - or, our Events Calendar Page

Need help with a recommended business for something while visiting our New Boston Area?

Here's a link to our New Boston Chamber of Commerce Business Categories Page
Hopefully, you'll find a business to help you.

Quick Video Tours of 3 Bostons Museum Area, Pavilion and Downtown

Videos courtesy of Rip England Premiere Realty