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Genealogy Meeting 3 Spokesman

Genealogy Meeting 3 Spokesman each providing their perspective on growing up in New Boston TX. Speakers were Wilma Looney, Lynn Titus and Tim Graham. Each was asked 5 questions and they were asked to expand on whatever that question was.

Lynn Titus [SP] grew up in New Boston, and he has spoken to our society several times. He does a really good presentation of his great-grandfather three times back. Anyway, he has those kind of programs, and he called me and he said, I'm working on a new idea of growing up in New Boston. So, I said, "That's great. Get it ready. We'd be glad to have you." And then the more I thought about it, that would make a great panel discussion for people who grew up in different eras. So, we invited these three wonderful people to participate in the panel. We have Wilma Dean Looney, and Lynn Titus, and Tim Graham. But they're all in different decades. So, it's going to be interesting, and I've turned it over to them.

The entire meeting was recorded and transcribed for your reading pleasure. It was quite a night with a great turnout and lots of interesting "events" described by all 3 speakers. Here's the link to the Genealogy Meeting PDF. It is also downloadable in case you want to print it out and read it at your leisure.

We hope you enjoy this great history!